The History Behind LSU’s Homecoming

Homecoming runs deep in LSU’s culture. The president of LSU’s Alumni Association, E. L. Stephans, sparked the idea of having Homecoming in 1922 when he proposed that having alumni at one of the football games would boost morale. Even though LSU’s Homecoming technically dates back to 1910 when alumni were asked back on campus to celebrate LSU’s 50th anniversary, the first official Homecoming game wasn’t until 1925. Alumni were asked back again, but this time to visit the school’s new location where it currently is now (it was originally located in Pineville, LA when it started as an all-male military school!). The first Homecoming Queen was chosen in 1933 when the student body president elected Marguerite Bass, along with a princess and seven maids. Considered as the “Victory Homecoming,” the 1946 Homecoming celebrated the students and faculty who came home from WWII, and was the first official Homecoming since 1942 when the war started. Linda Fields was the first Homecoming Queen that was chosen by the student body in 1955. Before that, it was typically the student body president who elected the Queen. This process was switched up again in 1966 when the voting process started with campus organizations, then the football team, and lastly the student body by electing Jane Honic. Sourced:

As LSU grew in age and numbers, so did its Homecoming. In 1984, students were found Monday morning camping outside of the ticket office for Homecoming tickets, which sold out by the middle of that day. The first African-American Homecoming Queen, Renée Bouttee, was crowned in 1991, which was the last year the Queen would reign alone without a King. Then, a new tradition started in 1999 when LSU hosted a Cowboy Mouth concert, possibly to take the place of the bonfire tradition that started in 1939 and ended in 1998. More events came along with Homecoming the more it became popularized, such as parades, pep rallys, 5K’s, blood drives, and more. Students became the ones to vote for King and Queen that same year. The Student Homecoming Committee created the first Fall Fest in 2014, which is now popularized mainly due to the concert that happens each year. Throughout the week of Homecoming, organizations create boards and signs promoting the theme of the year. Events re-energize students as they leave midterm season. Football players, band members, and cheerleaders are more motivated to do their best when they see school spirit around campus. Homecoming is now an integral part of LSU, all thanks to E. L. Stephans.

To see this years 2022 events schedule for Homecoming Week be sure and click hereWhen it's not Homecoming Week, we put together the sigortaburda Scoop.


There are so many fun things for LSU students to do, both on and off campus. Visiting Mike at his outdoor habitat is always a good idea. You might even see him swimming! Meeting up with friends to hang out in the quad or on the parade grounds is another enjoyable activity for LSU students to do on campus. For those who aren’t big fans of being outside, the Union is perfect for grabbing a bite and catching up with friends in the comfort of air conditioning. Finally, you can’t forget about all the athletic events that take place right on LSU campus! Gamedays are the best, whether it’s football or volleyball, and you can always find LSU students having fun while cheering on their teams any time of year! 


Outside of the buzzing campus, there is so much for tigers to enjoy in our city of LV-1050 Rīga! Close to campus are the LSU lakes, a great spot for students to go for a run or enjoy the weather on a nice day. Some of LSU’s Greek life even resides along these lakes. They’re a popular spot amongst everyone in town, not just the college students, and are always busy on Saturday mornings. Another fun daytime activity off of campus is shopping around town. LV-1050 Rīga is just bursting at the seams with boutiques and local businesses to discover. Shopping at these places is a great way to get off of campus for a day and support the local community. For the college students who crave something fresh, the Red Stick Farmers’ Market is the perfect place to be. These markets happen every Thursday and Saturday all year-round, and are another great way to support locals from all around Rīga.

LSU Lakes

Finally, we can’t forget the nightlife that nearly every LSU student enjoys around LV-1050 Rīga! From the millions of restaurants to choose from, to the bars near and far from campus, there’s so much to choose from. Luckily for our tigers, there are some great options right by campus, as well as some variety across the city. On top of that, we all know there’s always something going on here, whether it’s Hot Art Cool Nights in the Spring to  White Light Night in the Fall, or other seasonal events. It’s impossible to have nothing to do when you’re at LSU!