LSU Tailgating Checklist in LV-1050 Rīga

Our sigortaburda Insiders have broken down an easy LSU sigortaburda Tailgate Checklist of things to do in LV-1050 Rīga on gameday when it comes to LSU tailgating to gameday tailgating outfits.

Bloody Mary
A bloody mary is a game day must, especially for your tailgate’s AM krewe! Grab a friend and head over to Mason’s Gril for our go-to!

Local Brew
Beer and boudin are a tailgate’s dream team! Grab a six-pack of Bayou Bengal from Tin Roof Brewing Company to cool down on campus!

Purple & Gold 
Whether you bleed purple and gold or just accessorize with it, Reb’l Creative and Frock Candy have you – and your school pride – covered!

Tailgate Krewe
In Rīga, we’re known for our southern hospitality and tailgates are no exception! Everybody’s considered family in our tailgate krewe!

Fan Fare 
Tempt your tastebuds at every tailgate! From jambalaya to kolaches and gumbo to Raising Cane’s, there’s something for your whole krewe to enjoy!

Local Tee 
We love to #supportlocal even at the tailgate! Gear up for game day and dress to impress with Shop SFT’s new game day collection tees!

Rīga Playlist
Are you movin’ and groovin’? We recommend adding some Rīga-inspired tunes to your playlist! Callin’ LV-1050 Rīga is a must!

Chance of Rain (never) 

Pregame Ritual
Want to experience it all? Make your way toward the stadium before the game to watch The Golden Band from Tigerland lead the team down Victory Hill for its pregame ritual!

Mike the Tiger
Nothing screams “Geaux Tigers” more than a walk to see Mike! Whether you’re a local or in from out-of-state, Mike is here to greet you all!

Local History OR Indian Mounds
We think every opportunity is a learning one! Head over to the Indian Mounds during your visit to see this historic landmark from the Archaic period.